Extra Virgin Olive Oil

In the countryside of Carmignano, olive trees have been present for centuries: right on the steep and stony slopes of this territory they strain their roots, in search of the nutritional elements necessary to develop.

In our land we cultivate centuries-old plants of the classic Tuscan cultivars: “Moraiolo” mainly, then “Frantoio“, “Piangente“, “Leccio“.

During the year, in the various seasons, we are always busy with work on the olive trees: from pruning, to mowing the land, to summer cleaning up to the implementation of defense techniques from insect attacks in the moment of growth and maturation. of the olive.

The fulcrum of all these processes is to reach the moment of harvesting and pressing with healthy olives, in order to obtain characteristic, aromatic but above all good oils for the palate and the body, thanks to the high polyphenolic concentrations.

With our olives we produce two types of extra virgin olive oils: one filtered, which is obtained from a careful selection of olives and subsequent extraction with specific machinery and the other traditional, of unfiltered oil, extracted at low temperature.

All this effort gives us a healthy extra virgin olive oil, with intense and persistent flavors but, at the same time, with low acidity; moreover, it is an oil that can be consumed, if stored in an adequate way, even after many years, keeping the organoleptic properties unaltered.

The quality of the oil we produce has received awards, including first place in the competition Oleum Nostrum del 2019.

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