The wonder of the fig tree (Ficus carica), in its many uses (both as a fresh product, dried or transformed), manifests itself visually, both for the diversity of colors and shapes and for the palate and organoleptic qualities.

In my fields, I grow multiple cultivars of figs, in addition to the more famous “Dottato”, with a honey taste and ideal for drying in the sun. In fact, we find other cultivars of the local tradition, such as “Brogiotto Nero”, ideal for jams, or “Portugal”, “Verdino”, “Paradiso”, “Corvo”.

There are also more sought after and less widespread varieties, such as “Col de dama” and “Albo“; in addition to the varieties recovered from research and propagation work, which, over the years, I have been committed to promoting for their authenticity and for the protection of biodiversity.

Dried figs: processing

From the month of August I start the harvest of figs which, in addition to a part destined for fresh and direct sale, are used in transformation processes, to obtain other types of products.

One of them is the drying of the fig, using two methods

  • the first method involves the use of an artificial dryer at low temperature: the figs processed in this way can express themselves in their purity because they maintain the organoleptic properties unaltered, which are enhanced to the maximum;
  • the second method, the one known to most, uses the sun that dries the fruits on the artisan reeds, which are then joined in pairs with a few anise seeds inside, thus forming the traditional Carmignano dried figs.

Fresh figs: transformation

The more sugary varieties are instead transformed into jams and nectar to drink.

Both jams and drinks are produced by adding only natural ingredients, precisely because I don’t use preservatives or thickeners, but only cane sugar and lemon juice, both from organic farming.

Figs: sale

All our products are sold directly in the company, in the direct sales markets in which I participate both in Florence (la Fierucola) and in Quarrata (Pistoia) (Riprendiamoci la Natura – Let’s take back Nature) and in some selected stores in Italy or we can ship all over the world.

If you want to buy my products, you can contact me by email at: