Who is Siro Petracchi

“Who is Siro Petracchi?”

To this question I try to answer every day with sincerity towards myself and towards the people who appreciate my products, saying that I am and feel like a farmer.

Since 2011, with my family, I have been taking care of the 7 hectares of land that make up the farm and we have specialized in the cultivation of figs, in multiple cultivars, and in the production of extra virgin olive oil.

Our land is located on the steep hill of Montalbiolo, located in the municipality of Carmignano, on the slopes of Montalbano, overlooking the plain of Florence, Prato and Pistoia.

This area has been renowned for centuries, as well as for the scenic beauty, for the quality of its agricultural productions, first of all: oil, figs and wine.

  • Olea europea

Siro Petracchi: my mission

I speak of vocation because my daily relationship with Nature, in all its expressive strength and beauty, has generated in me the conviction that agricultural work can be a sort of inheritance for future generations, to be preserved and safeguarded with sacrifice and commitment. daily respecting the natural times and the earth.

Then, being, with my family, the first consumers of our products, I became aware that agriculture must go back to its origins, at its own pace and without forcing or shortcuts.

Nature does not force itself!

The logical consequence of all this was the start, in 2012, of the conversion procedure to the organic method, completed in 2015.

Thanks to this choice, our productions of figs, oil, processed figs and seasonal vegetables, in addition to the organoleptic properties that the Carmignano “terroir” naturally provides them, are genuine and healthy.

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